Things to Check-out Before You Choose a Commercial Cleaning Service

September 4, 2012

choosing a commercial cleaning serviceHiring a commercial cleaning service could make your life easier. That is, if you are able to locate a commercial cleaning service that is reliable, trustworthy and effective at their jobs. It is also important that you can trust the employees that will be entering your place of business. And there are legal considerations as well. Here are some things you will want to check-out before you choose an office cleaning service:

1.   Is the company legally licensed to operate in your state?

All businesses are required by their individual state to be licensed. Office cleaning services are no different. If you hire an unlicensed cleaning service “under the table” you will be putting yourself at risk legally. It is important that a business be fully licensed to work in your office. You can find out if a cleaning service is fully licensed by asking for proof of their license. They should provide it to you. You can also check with your local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau to find out licensing information.

2.  Is the company bonded and insured?

Not all commercial cleaning services will be bonded and insured, but it is a very good idea to hire one that is. When a company sends bonded employees into your place of business, the company is financially responsible if one of the employees steals something from your office. Insurance covers the health and safety of the employees while they are working in your business space. It can also cover any damage to your company property that may occur as a result of the employee’s work. If you hire a company that is not insured, and an accident occurs to an employee while they are in your office, you could be held financially responsible.

3.    Does the company use employees or subcontractors?

This is important to know. Company employees are under the direct control of the company. The company is responsible for training them, insuring them and providing them with the necessary coverage owed to them by the law. This includes workers compensation and minimum wage payments. On the other hand, a subcontractor cannot be legally trained by the company and may not be under their direct control. A subcontractor may also not be treated fairly by the company. Because of all of these reasons, it is highly recommended that you choose a commercial cleaning service that uses employees over subcontractors.

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