About Us

Providing Commercial Cleaning Services In Wichita, KS Since 1985

Personalized Commercial Cleaning has been serving local businesses since 1985.  Our rotation cleaning system ensures that your office space is always looking great.

In most offices, there are things that need to be cleaned regularly and often.  Other things need to be done regularly, but not so often.  The rotation system of office cleaning does both.  There are things we clean each time we are in your office.  These are things that usually need to be done regularly and often.  In addition to the things we do each time, the office is divided into areas and on each visit one of these areas receives a deeper clean.  These areas of concentration rotate.

The rotation system allows us to maintain your office’s basic cleaning needs by allowing us to direct our effort to the area where it is most needed.  This rotating detail cleaning distinguishes our services from ordinary office cleaners.

We take pride in our work.  We care for your office as if it were our own.  We are easy to contact at anytime with any issues that might arise.  You deserve to have a clean office with zero hassles.


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